About us

About Company

Avici Info Analytics Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in December 2008, during the height of recession affecting the whole world. Undeterred by the failure of  business all around, the Avici Team decided to char a new course in running and managing business.

Avici Advantages

24/7 Server Uptime

Data Security and Coonfidentiality

Client Coonfidentiality

Regular Data Backup

Experience Technical Support

Who we are?

Established in 2008, Avici Info Analytics is a Private Limited company registered under the Indian Companies Act, located in Bangalore, India. AVICI is an organization of likeminded professionals from varied backgrounds with a goal of turning ideas and visions into reality. The resources available here are perfect for augmenting a business with minimum investments in skilled personnel and infrastructure. Through our Virtual Assistance facility, we help our Clients improve their business in terms of management, data processing, technical support and many other services. Over the years, AVICI has provided services to Clients in more than 25 countries across the globe with high levels of customer satisfaction.

What we do?

To put it simply, AVICI Info is a comprehensive Business Solutions Provider with the aim of enhancing the valuation of the Client’s organization.
As our slogan suggests Empowering Dreams by Unleashing Creativity, our purpose is to add impetus to businesses around the world. We develop Business Plan for new business, we design and implement new business strategies and our gamut of services includes all solutions for operating a streamlined organization. AVICI Info continues to play a major role in boosting small entrepreneurs everywhere.

Why choose us?

Avici has become synonymous with high quality work and timely deliveries. The vastly experienced Assistants offer result oriented, innovative solutions and have been instrumental in translating mere ideas to full-fledged businesses. All our services are meant to be aligned towards the Clients’ organization goals including and robust IT infrastructure to ensure high levels of data-security and Client-confidentiality.