AVICI Advantages

  • 24/7 Server uptime
  • Data Security and Confidentiality
  • Client confidentiality
  • Regular Data backup
  • Experienced Technical support

About us

Avici Info Analytics Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in December 2008, during the heights of recession affecting the whole world. Undeterred by the failure of businesses all around, the Avici Team decided to chart a new course in running and managing business.

Avici was started by likeminded professionals from varied backgrounds like, BPO, KPO, Event Management, Brand Activations, free-lancers and IT Infrastructure. At Avici, we strive to cater to the ever burgeoning market of Virtual Assistance. We undertake projects ranging from Content writing to Social Medial Marketing, from MS Office projects to Remote Desktop Management. Our existing personnel are highly skilled in their respective fields and we are constantly on the lookout for people with ingenuity to augment our team and expand our capabilities further.

Why Avici?

AVICI is a company offering Virtual Assistance. Avici offers services to Clients ranging from 0ne-man show businesses to large Fortune-500 companies. Whether it is a menial task like data-entry or a complicated service like creating a Business Plan, we cater to all entrepreneurial requirements. Our team of efficient Virtual Assistants can handle anything, from booking hotels and flights to doing a research for the Client’s requirements. Add to this our robust processes and systems and we are a One-stop-shop for all Business needs. We make sure our Clients are always prepared, by generating periodic reports and analyses that help in managing the business more effectively.

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